Compliments Will Get You Far With Las Vegas Escorts

When it comes to a date with a Las Vegas escort, you have a little more freedom with the frequency and kinds of compliments you can give. The purpose of compliments on the first date is to show your date why you respect and admire her. Unfortunately, many men give their date compliments indiscriminately to get her to like them even better or to hasten the progress to the bedroom .

If you are going to be extremely irresistible to escorts, you need to realize when compliments sabotage and when they entice a woman. Giving a compliment can sabotage you when:

  • it’s generic. "You’re soooo good-looking, other guys must be all over you."
  • it sounds like flattery. "I’ve never met anyone like you before.”
  • it displays your own insecurity. "I can’t believe that you’d go out with someone like me.”
  • it’s obviously a lead-up to something else. "Nice mouth. Wanna try it out on me?”
  • it’s obviously mean to boost her ego. "You’re the best looking woman in this room.”
  • it makes you sound like a gold digger. "You’re a lawyer? You’re kidding! So how much do you make?”

You may have given these kinds of compliments often in the past, and if neither of you are taking the compliments seriously, they can be fun to give.

However, real dating masters don’t overdo it on the compliments. Why? First of all, even if you don’t have an extensive dating history, you want her to believe that you’ve dated lots of top-quality escorts — in Vegas and elsewhere. Just because you asked her out doesn’t mean that she’s the one. A first date is your opportunity to evaluate her and decide whether or not she meets your standards.

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If you give her compliment after compliment, she’s going to think that she doesn’t have to prove herself to you at all, and her estimation of you will go down as a result. I’ve dated many women from the My Asian Escorts service and after I’ve got to know them, they’ve all said pretty much the same thing. Too much flattery is actually a bad thing.

Second, compliments that are worth something are compliments that are earned. If you don’t know her very well and are handing compliments out like candy, they’ll soon have no impact on her at all. Let’s take an example. Remember that terribly critical teacher you had in school? Chances are that when that teacher gave you a compliment, no matter how terse, you felt incredibly satisfied and happy. Much more so, no doubt, than when one of your other positive, caring teachers gave you a compliment, just like she gave everyone else compliments.

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A good rule of thumb is to give every first date at least one compliment, but never more than three. Your compliment should be specific and touch on something that is unique and admirable about your date. You may admire her taste in music, an unusual accessory, or her knowledge of wines. Just don’t get too personal here. I know a guy that’s really into women’s wet, worn panties. So much so that he will actually buy >used panties from an online store such as the Perfect Panty Pantry. He lets his women’s undergarment fetish get in the way of a date with an escort, though, as one of the first things he always does is ask the lady to show him her panties. He thinks that if he then compliments her on the lingerie she’s wearing, he gets a good look, and the escort will be flattered. But it doesn’t work that way.

Once you’re in an established relationship, give compliments frequently. The point of compliments in an established relationship is to show your girlfriend that you don’t take her for granted and that you continue to appreciate all the wonderful things she is and does. Remember that just because she’s your girlfriend doesn’t mean that other men aren’t eying her. The best prevention for straying is to make your woman feel so appreciated and valued by you that she knows she’s got center stage in your heart. This even applies to a streetwise, hardened Las Vegas escort.

The best way to compliment a woman is directly. Women flourish when they are frequently told how beautiful they are, or compared to a movie star. Some guys try to avoid complimenting women directly, thinking that it gives away some of their power. However, once you’re in a committed relationship, that line of thinking needs to be thrown out the window. A relationship is about both of you making one another feel great, and the best way to make a woman feel great is to compliment her honestly and frequently.

Ultimately, respect and admire a girl as a person, regardless of her level of interest in you. Women love to be admired, and, even if they’re not initially interested in you, they’ll feel flattered by knowing they have a fan.

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