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Belgium and Switzerland are both nestled between their much larger European neighbors, France and Germany. While these two smaller countries might be overshadowed by their bigger neighbors, both Belgium and Switzerland have plenty to see and do, and are must-stop destinations for anyone taking an extended European vacation.

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What to do in Belgium? You can taste test the huge number of craft beers, indulge in Belgian chocolate, travel the canals in Bruges, and relax in the town of Spa (from which the all spas take their name).

In Switzerland, the birthplace of skiing, you can (literally) take a hike — the Swiss alps are a mecca for hikers of all abilities. You can indulge in cheese (and not just Swiss cheese), swim or boat in the glacial blue waters of any one of a bounty of beautiful lakes, or catch the scenic views traveling on some of the over 3,000 miles of train track that criss-cross this small country.

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The Swiss are particularly progressive when it comes to sex and prostitution. In Zurich, one can now find drive-thru brothels. Yes, you read that right — about a year ago here in the largest city in Switzerland the first legal drive-in brothel in Europe became open to the public. And it’s been a raging success. The Swiss did it for fairly practical reasons: they wanted to reduce the amount of prostitutes walking the streets of Zurich. The result was that the streets where “cleaned up,” and the sex workers also gained a more regulated, safer area in which to offer their services.

The area surrounding a drive-in brothel displays fairly discreet (but still informative) signs letting drivers know about the center. Escorts who work in the center have access to comforts such as showers, a laundry facility and a small restaurant. In exchange for the safety and facilities the women do need to get a permit and pay taxes on the income they receive for performing sexual services.

In Brussels, many women have turned to part-time escorting to help out with university bills. It’s a system that works great for everyone. For the women, they get some quick, easy money to help them stay in school. For men, they have a host of young, very attractive women available for sex.

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